Career Pathway Experience (CPE)

Career Pathway Experience (CPE) is a work experience program through which students receive school credit for working.  In the CPE program, students may receive 1/2 credit - 2 credits from paid work, internships, volunteer work, and/or apprenticeships.  The CPE Coordinator will visit students at their high school and worksites.  Students may also choose to enroll in an additional program on campus and receive more credits.


Program Components

  • Gain work experience hours during school or after school
  • Promote self-learning
  • Strengthen the development of core academic skills
  • Allow students to explore career options
  • Enhance communication skills, leadership, and problem-solving
  • Contribute to community economic development


School Credits Received

  • 135 working hours - 1/2 credit
  • 270- working hours - 1 credit
  • 540 working hours - 2 credits



CPE students must be at least 16 years of age in the 11th or 12th grade.


Instructor - Mrs. Tammy Miller


Career Pathway Experience