Counselor's Corner - ACT & Dual Enrollment

Last Updated: 10/6/2023 1:49 PM


This page contains information on ACT test information, preparation, and dual enrollment information. If there is other information you need, please stop by the Counselor’s Office.


ACT  Information

ACT Test Dates


Below are links to ACT resources you may find useful


Do you need help registering for the ACT, locating your ACT ID number, or getting a fee waiver form? Come by the counselor's office and see Mrs. Stroupe! 

Important Tip - if you receive free or reduced lunch you qualify for 4 free ACT waivers during your 11th - 12th grade years. Mrs. Stroupe simply has to verify eligibility in order for you to receive one!

If you did not submit lunch form information this year because you or your child does not stay for lunch please do so to be eligible for these resources!



Dual Enrollment Information


Dual enrollment classes are courses that allow students to earn both high school and college credit. Students are considered college students once they enroll at the institution, and are treated as such. The grade that is earned for the dual enrollment course is the grade that is earned for Ripley High School. 


RHS students can now choose between Northeast Mississippi Community College or Blue Mountain College

  • Northeast Mississippi Community College
    • NEMCC has removed their deferment form from Dual Enrollment courses.
    • $50 flat rate per class (up to 15 hours), plus any book or lab fees.
    • Completed courses will transfers to any college. 


  • Blue Mountain College 
    • The total cost at Blue Mountain would depend on how many students sign up for the class. The price decreases as the class size increases.
    • Completed courses will transfer to any college. 


Additional Information

  • ACT Subscores are required for some classes:
    • English Comp 1 & 2 require an English subscore of 17 or higher
    • College Algebra requires a math subscore of 19 or higher
    • General Biology and Chemistry require a science subscore of 19 or higher
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology requires a 19 composite.
    • Elective classes such as Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, or Psychology have no subscore requirements - student simply have to have taken the act before.


Are you interested in dual enrollment courses? Call or stop by Mrs. Stroupe's office to discuss the option that would best suit your needs today!