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South Tippah School District
Vision Statement, Mission Statement & Belief Statement

The South Tippah School District desires to be a STAR school district under the current accountability standards in the state of Mississippi.

Our mission is to appropriately educate the children of the South Tippah School District and accomplish this by equipping, empowering, motivating, and leading the students, teachers, and administrators of this district.

It is the belief of the South Tippah School District that all children are capable of learning if empowered and motivated to do so.

Pine Grove School Goals
Working Year Round for Success in May

Maintain or exceed current state accountability label of "High Performing (B)" while transitioning to full Common Core implementation

Mantain or exceed ACT Composite score, Mathematics subscore, English subscore, and Science subscore averages that exceed the district and state averages

Improve ACT Reading subscores to exceed the state averages

Maintain growth status

Free After-School Tutoring available for 1st-12th Grade. Contact Mr. Kevin Wells for more information.
The Yearbook Staff needs your used laser and inkjet printer cartridges. The staff receives money for recycling them.

Boxtops for Education
We collect Boxtops for Education to help raise money for the school. Bring in your Boxtops for Education to help support Pine Grove School.

Click here to see a list of Accelerated Reader
quizzes available at Pine Grove

Yearbooks on sale at school through March 28, 2014

Yearbooks on sale at