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Financial Aid Basics


Financial Aid can be received based off of merit or financial need. Below you find information about private scholarships, institutional scholarships, federal aid, and state aid. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!



Private Scholarships

Privately funded scholarships are one type of financial aid for which students can apply. The funding may be national, such as Coca Cola or Gates Foundation or local, such as Rotary or Junior Auxiliary.

Click the link below for specific scholarship information. Local Scholarships updated as received.




Some other good resources for private scholarships may be available at your local insurance companies, parents place of work, community organizations (e.g. Scouts). Below you will find some links to websites and search engines that may prove to be useful in your search for additional private scholarships. 



Scholarships are free money for college! The only way to receive a scholarship is to apply for it, so I have made the process so easy. On my Canvas page I have a scholarship list that is updated and has all of the links. I have that list below as well. These will be updated often, so check back!

Popular Online Scholarship Websites (National) 

Current Scholarships (More Local):

Past Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships


Most scholarships come directly from individual colleges and universities, these are considered institutional scholarships. Complete applications for admission in the fall of your senior year. You must be accepted for admission in order to receive scholarships and financial aid. Sometimes the application for admission is used to award scholarships, however many colleges have additional applications.  


There may be departmental scholarships or scholarships for specific programs such as Honors Colleges, or talent based scholarships requiring auditions or portfolios. Check out each college’s website and make sure you meet all the deadlines. All Mississippi Community Colleges and Universities are linked in my Canvas page for students.




Federal Aid


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in getting money for college. It is required for federal student aid. However, the FAFSA results may also be used for private scholarships, money that comes directly from the college or university and also for state financial aid, all with different deadlines.

Important Tip - Make sure you are using the correct website for the FAFSA. There are scam sites that request credit card information!  The direct link is


Need Help Completeing the FAFSA or State Aid Application??

The FAFSA will not open until December 2023. 

To schedule a slot call the school at (662) 837-7583 email me at


State Aid

The Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid offers scholarships and grants based on merit and financial need to full-time (15 credit hours per semester) students attending eligible Mississippi colleges and universities. The application is available at or you can link to the Mississippi application after completing the FAFSA and most of your info will be pre-filled.


Mississippi State Aid Application is for three specific financial aid opportunities, some of which are substantial! These are listed below in more detail.



 DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 15 (after graduation)

Covers up to $500/year for freshmen and sophomores and up to $1000/year for juniors and seniors. Initial eligibility for the student who:

  • Has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and a minimum of 15 on the national ACT or equivalent score on the national SAT
  • Is not full Pell Grant eligible



DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 15 (after graduation)

Covers up to $2500/year, but may not exceed tuition and required fees at attending institution.

Initial eligibility for the student who:

  • Achieves a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5.
  • Scores a minimum of 29 on the national ACT or equivalent score on the national SAT or is a National Merit/National Achievement Finalist or Semi-Finalist.




Covers tuition and required fees for no more than 8 semesters at a public institution. Participants attending a private institution in Mississippi will receive an award amount equal to the award of a student attending the nearest comparable Mississippi public institution. Additional documents must be submitted by April 30. Initial eligibility for the student who:

  • Is a freshman and/or sophomore who graduated from high school within the immediate past two years using the designated core curriculum and is a resident of Mississippi.
  • Demonstrates need as determined by the results of the FAFSA
  • Meets the income threshold to qualify as listed on the HELP website.
  •  Has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and a minimum of 20 on the national ACT.